Our high stakes exam services help to ensure candidates meet your organisation’s exacting standards.

We develop rigorous online tests for regulatory and awarding organisations in high stakes environments. Exams can be delivered at any location, in secure and supervised venues.

Security of examination content and processes is all important, and requires the right people, best practice management standards, and robust technology.


  • Secure online registration and assessment bookings
  • Managing payments, cancellations and scheduling
  • Managing candidate identity and detailed booking and admission rules
  • Secure delivery and protection of questions and exams
  • Purpose-built facilities and exam venues that support online exam delivery, voice-based assessment, and paper-based exams
  • Exam design and delivery to support high stakes features, such as question and response randomisation, and a wide range of question delivery formats
  • Online results management including set validity periods
  • 24/7 candidate support and help online
  • Integration with awarding body qualification systems and licensing databases
  • Service level commitments to meet agency and awarding body responsibilities


How Booking Delivery Works


We collaborate with our clients to develop question banks that are tested, validated, and monitored for performance and reliability.

We can integrate your questions into our systems, or assist with developing new content. Our question bank specialists understand and respect the sensitivities of content ownership, control and security.

Our services include:

  • Working with you to develop syllabus structures, question content, delivery rules and candidate feedback requirements
  • Integrating existing question banks with our booking and exam delivery systems
  • Managing networks of subject matter experts, marking reviewers, item contributors and editors
  • Licensing existing question banks to comply with regulations and standards.

Further Information

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