New Online NZTA Test Launched

Aspeq is happy to announce the first tests for the new NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) Class 2 Load Pilot licence have been sat successfully by candidates.

Late last year, the Heavy Haulage Association (HHA), in collaboration with NZTA, approached Aspeq to commission a new examination process for the Class 2 Load Pilot licence, the certification required for drivers that proceed and follow oversized haulage loads such as houses or machinery.

Both authorities agreed that they needed to improve the standard of the current test and required a more robust process for these drivers to gain their certification to ensure that the people who held that licence were well aware of the different road rules that Load Pilots need to abide by. Together, NZTA, HHA, and Aspeq collaborated to develop the test for online delivery which included updating the handbook as well.

Through Aspeq’s exam booking and delivery systems, and our extensive network of exam centres around the country, candidates will now sit a supervised test in order to prove their competency. The new process involves candidates downloading the handbook from NZTA, studying it, registering for an Aspeq account, booking a test in one of our centres, sitting the test, receiving their results, then (if passed) applying for their licence with their result slip to gain their Class 2 Load Pilot licence.

Candidates can sit the test in one of our 23 exam centres around the North and South Islands and can book into any day or time that suits them. Each exam session held in our centres is supervised by one of our trained invigilators who are responsible for ensuring that each candidate is who they say they are and that they do not cheat.

Aspeq is proud to be assisting NZTA in increasing the robustness of another one of their tests, further helping to increase the safety of our roads. We are adding the Class 2 Load Pilot test to the list of other knowledge assessments we already service for Goods and Services licences, Passenger Service licences, and also Vehicle Recovery licences.

We look forward to continuing to help these safety focused organisations.

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