Design a powerful examination solution

We develop world class examination services that are secure and reliable. You will receive a complete, tailored solution, designed to meet your needs from registration to results. Our team works with you to develop a solution that meets your needs, and we can organise for your examinations to be delivered at any location, in secure and supervised venues or by remote invigilation.

Examination design

Effective examinations and assessments hinge on a strong structure based on a syllabus and clear rules to develop questions that effectively assess candidate competence.

We offer a range of question delivery formats – including multiple choice, numerical answers, and fill in the blanks questions that can be auto-marked, plus free-text short and long answer questions for specialised marking.

We work with you to develop question banks that are tested, validated, and monitored for validity and reliability. Our question bank specialists understand and respect sensitivities around content ownership, control, and security.

Process design

Our examination and IT teams will work with you to design processes for examinations and their delivery that will meet your needs.  If you already have structures or content in place that you want to keep, we can work with you to deliver a comprehensive examination solution. For example, we can load your questions into our systems or help you develop new or additional content.

Question creation and management

Our next generation, web-based system called Quadrant facilitates all stages of question development using workflow management. We manage a large network of technical and non-technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Your questions are developed by contracted SMEs approved by you. Our Quadrant question bank management and examination delivery system incorporates a powerful Microsoft workflow engine to control the review and amendment of questions and ensures only approved questions are included in your examinations.

Customised solutions

Our examination and assessment solution can be customised to meet your needs for absolute peace of mind. Our end-to-end processes cover not just examination development and delivery but also online bookings, payments, and fully traceable results management. All aspects of the solution can be customised.

First things, first

The design of your examinations and assessments sets the scene for everything that follows. It provides the frameworks and the means for you to examine crucial knowledge confidently and accurately. As an organisation that designs and delivers examinations and assessments across the world, we know how to craft a best-practice assessment solution.

Success depends on designing structures and content that covers what you require candidates to know, and assesses their knowledge in a highly organised and secure way. For a no-obligation discussion on how we can help you design powerful, effective, complying examinations that reflect your thoroughness as a regulator or organisation, please contact Mike Lynskey, our Head of Client Services.

Mike Lynskey Head of Client Services Phone: +64 4 913 9710 Email Mike
Aspeq team members
Mike Lynskey Head of Client Services Phone: +64 4 913 9710 Email Mike
Aspeq team members